Time for a mission

When I decided to leave on a mission 5 months ago I knew I had just signed up for the hardest thing I will have ever done.  And I hadn't even thought about how hard it would be to say goodbye to all my family, friends, students and loved ones.  I have been so blessed to be surrounded by the best people all my life.  They have helped me become who I am today.  I love every memory and moment we share.  Saying goodbye is a scary and heartbreaking thing.  Although I am very sad to say goodbye I can't wait to say Hello to the people in Nicaragua.  I can't wait to fall in love with them like I have with my friends here.  I can't wait to share the joy I feel every day because of the Gospel with my brothers and sisters in Nicaragua.  Because I have been given much I too must give.  I know it will be a great reunion when I return and am reunited with all my loved ones.  Right now I am locking them in my heart to keep safe while I serve the Lord.  I have already felt my heart grow 2 sizes bigger to fit all the people I will meet in Nicaragua.  I love my Lord, I know this is the true church and that is why I must serve.
I can't say thank you enough for all the love I felt from everyone! I think I may be the luckiest girl in the world to be surrounded by such incredible people.  God be with you til we meet again!

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  1. you're the greatest. love ya girl, you'll do amazing! see ya in a few!:)